Help us keep your loved one safe.

Throughout the pandemic, when our community and hospital have seen surges of COVID-19 cases, we have been forced to limit patient visitation. We understand the importance of our patients seeing their loved ones and while this decision is always difficult, limiting visitation is for the safety of our patients.

If your loved one is in our hospital, they are likely in a vulnerable state. Contracting a virus like COVID-19 from a visitor could have serious, even devastating effects.

We need your help in doing all we can to prevent the risk of a visitor unintentionally infecting a patient with COVID-19. A visitor, who is asymptomatic or with only mild symptoms, may not realize they are exposing their loved one to the COVID-19 virus and placing their loved one at great risk.

Together, we can mitigate these risks. We do this by:

  • Limiting visiting hours
  • Limiting the number of visitors coming into contact with a patient in a given day
  • Wearing a mask at all times
  • Not eating or drinking in the patient’s room

Please know the safety of your loved one, our patient, is our priority.

Thank you,

Stormy Dulovich
Chief Nursing Officer