To become a leading cardiovascular hospital, it takes an experienced team dedicated to excellence. Fawcett Memorial Hospital’s designation as America’s 100 Best Coronary Intervention by Healthgrades means our cardiac response team operates with peak precision and speed. Thanks to our open-heart program, patients can count on us for more services and top-quality care.

When you need the best in heart care, you can trust Fawcett Memorial Hospital to make a life-saving difference.

Our Team

Our Cardiovascular team at Fawcett Memorial Hospital is comprised of the area’s most respected physicians and staff who specialize in all types of cardiovascular procedures. A professional team of Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists, Cardiovascular Technicians, Registered Nurses, and Echocardiograph Technologists who are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease join the physicians.

Accreditations & Awards

  • Joint Commission Certification
  • Joint Commission Stroke Certification
  • Charlotte Sun’s “Best Hospital & ER” since 2005
  • Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Coronary Intervention Award
  • Healthgrades Coronary Interventions Excellence Award
  • Healthgrades Treatment of Heart Attack Five-Star Recipient
  • Healthgrades Treatment of Heart Failure Five-Star Recipient


The Joint Commission

Healthgrades Coronary Interventions Excellence Award

Healthgrades Treatment of Heart Attack Five-Star Recipient

Healthgrades Treatment of Heart Failure Five-Star Recipient

Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Coronary Intervention Award


The Cath Lab and Echo/ECG lab is located on the first floor in the most west section of the hospital near the Emergency Department. We provide state of the art comprehensive cardiac services for our inpatients and outpatients to the community. We provide quality care one patient at a time.


The Cath Lab consists of a Philips Allure Digital cardiac Flat Detector 10 (FD10) and Philips Allure Digital peripheral Flat Detector 20 (FD20) for imaging. The cath lab utilizes General Electric (GE) latest technology for hemodynamic data collection called Cardio Lab. In the Echo lab we have the latest technology using the GE Vivid I Echo Machine. All of the Cath Lab and Echo retrieving and storage is through the latest technology of Cardiovascular Picture Archiving and Communications Storage (CV PACS). The ECG lab uses the latest “wireless” technology and can receive an order anywhere in the house. The ECG’s are archived to a system called MUSE which can instantly retrieve previous ECG’s.


  • Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization
  • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
  • Peripheral Diagnostic and Intervention
  • Electrophysiology
  • IABP
  • Temporary Pacemaker Insertion
  • Permanent Pacemaker Insertion
  • Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator Insertion
  • Bi-Ventricular Insertion
  • Generator Change
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Cardioversion
  • Echocardiography, Transesophageal Echocardiography
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • ECG/Signal averaging
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Tilt Table Test
  • Stress Testing
  • Nuclear Cardiology
  • Open-heart Surgery
  • WATCHMAN™ (stroke reduction option for Afib)

Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac Rehab is a Phase II outpatient program in which your heart will be monitored during exercise. Exercising after you have been diagnosed with heart disease is safer under constant monitoring by licensed nurses using our state-of-the-art telemetry system. This alerts our staff to any abnormal EKG changes during an exercise session, which allows us to provide the appropriate intervention. The major components of the program include physical activity, stress management, education and nutritional counseling. Monitored exercise will help you gain the confidence and strength you need to return to the activities you enjoy.

Patient Benefits

  • Recover after a heart attack, open heart surgery, angioplasty and other interventions
  • Strengthen your muscles and increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs
  • Learn about heart disease treatment and medications
  • Reduce the potential for additional heart problems through risk factor modification
  • Learn how to recognize heart disease symptoms and know when to seek treatment

How to Get Started

Speak to your healthcare provider about joining. They will either give you a prescription with an order or your physician will send us an order. Once the order is received, an evaluation appointment will be made. This involves an assessment of your recovery and your specific needs. The details of our program and all questions will be addressed at that time. This intake evaluation will take approximately 40 minutes. We will then select your start date and session time. Participants are scheduled three times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for 12 weeks or 36 visits.

If you have any questions regarding the program or registration, please call (941) 624-8995.