The Leonard and Seakwood Family


Family, to me means comfort, caring, trust and safe haven. Over the last three years, my 95 year old father, 92 year old mother, and I have had to deal with major health issues that required five surgeries among us. We were so incredibly fortunate to have phenomenally talented surgeons in Dr. Jason Reiss, Dr. Steven Golden, and Dr. Greg Gebauer in addition to my parents GP, Dr. Juan Rivera. The RN's, CNA's, supervisory and administrative staff at Fawcett Memorial Hospital are truly exceptional human beings.They are compassionate, kind and consummate professionals. These selfless people consistently go above and beyond in every aspect of their duties on a daily basis, to ensure the highest standards of patient care. Each time one of us returned for surgery, they welcomed us with a smile, hugs and such warmth, we almost forgot we were at a hospital. Special thanks to Terri, Donna, Angel, Janine and so many more. To us, Fawcett Memorial Hospital means comfort, caring, trust and a safe haven. For my parents and me, Fawcett Memorial Hospital IS family!